Sea Walls NZ

Earlier this year I had the absolute pleasure of producing New Zealand's first edition of Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans.  Have to say, i'm blown away by the community support, love, passion and belief in this project. The festival was an absolute success, and i'm excited to announce that my company, AAI alongside the good folks and extended family PangeaSeed are bringing the madness back to town. Wheels are in motion, back into curatorial mode planning on 2017's event in Napier, New Zealand.

A huge thank you to all my incredible local team:  Maxine Boag, and Pete Findlay for your tireless hours and hours of support, helping get this project off the ground and engaging the local community, this event couldn't have taken place without your help.  Napier City Council and Resene for being Core sponsors behind this event. My wife Ash for catering the entire crew, 29 artists, the production team and media crew for the entire event, all with healthy nourishing vegetarian food. Not to mention holding down the fort with our two kids. Huge thanks to all the other local sponsors who got behind the event, our incredible volunteers and all my fam at PangeaSeed, love you all.

For those of you that weren't here to witness the good chaos, here's a couple recap video's from our amazing media team. First up from our beloved Japanese video wizard and ninja Yoshitaro Yanagita:

Also one more from the talented team at Chop Em' Down Films :

To get a good overview of the scope of the festival 1xRun have a great feature HERE.

Biolumination II

In March 2015, as part of thinkScience Day & White Night at the Auckland Arts Festival, microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles curated Biolumination II. For this one day exhibition, Siouxsie challenged 7 artists/illustrators to each make a work of art using just a solution of harmless bioluminescent bacteria and a collection of large petri-dishes. As the bacterial solution is essentially invisible, the artists weren’t able to see their creations until the bacteria had grown and were glowing the next day. One visitor described the exhibit as “Mindblowing glowing art science wonder” while another said it was the first time her 11 year old science mad daughter had ever enjoyed art! 

Artists: Helen Beech, Julia Marchwicka, Cinzah , Hope Sutherland, Rodrigo Vidal, Laura Ward & Katherine Yang.

Street Prints Gallery Opening

My good friends over in Mount Maunganui have their new gallery space opening - TOMORROW NIGHT! Head along and support if you're in the hood, these guys are amazing people, putting in the hours to deliver some very exciting things here in Aotearoa.  Swing by and show your support.  

Tiny Travelling Gallery

I have two works in this show opening this saturday at The Depot Artspace in Auckland. Swing by and check it out if you're around. Great lineup of NZ artists exhibiting small affordable works.

More info HERE

First Coat - Australia

Popping over the ditch to paint as part of First Coat. I'll be painting a couple walls on Lamb Ln in Toowoomba. If you're in that part of the world swing by and say hi, great line up of international talent. Click the image above to link through to their site for more info on the event.

Story telling..

Had a lot of fun reconnecting and researching this year. Telling stories which relate to the land, culture and identity of the people of NZ, also without coincidence many of the topics i've been touching base with are common across the globe.  Past, present and future. Deities, gods, myths, stories of the land, sea, sky, and universe.  What ever way we wish to relate to them or label them depending on our cultural upbringing and birth place.

Here's a few recent murals from the past 2 and a bit months.

'Rauhoto' - New Plymouth - The Birth Of Taranaki.

 3 Story, Split level mural in Huatoki Plaza, New Plymouth, Taranaki. NZ.

3 Story, Split level mural in Huatoki Plaza, New Plymouth, Taranaki. NZ.

 Huia (A now extinct New Zealand Native bird) - Detail of New Plymouth wall.

Huia (A now extinct New Zealand Native bird) - Detail of New Plymouth wall.

 Work in progress, photo cred - Jah Smith

Work in progress, photo cred - Jah Smith

 Photo Cred - Jah Smith

Photo Cred - Jah Smith


'The Birth of Whanganui' - Leading to the creation of Taranaki (Prequel to 'Rauhoto' Mural)

 Detail shot - Photo Cred- Jack Marsden-Mayer

Detail shot - Photo Cred- Jack Marsden-Mayer

Massive thanks to Cam and Jade at Get Up in New Plymouth, Jack, Si, and all the friendly folk at Ambrosia.

New Year. New Beginnings.

Amazing summer so far, awesome time catching up with friends in Auckland and throughout the North Island on a 2 week family roadie.  On this roadie we swung by the Hawkes Bay, fell in love with Napier and ended up signing a lease. 3 weeks later after a mad whirlwind of packing up studio, ending leases, painting murals, finishing commissions, painting at festivals, all the xmas and family shenanigans... here we are, Bay bound. Chillin' on the East Coast. Have to say, loving it so far, and hit the ground running. This years going to be a good one, shaping up nicely already with some great new clients, collaborations, exhibition plans, and walls, so many walls!

Below are a couple flicks of what I've been up too, a bit of art, a bit of Aotearoa goodness, a bit of whanau time..